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Written by Jane Schmidt - FinancialScope

The escalating cost of living has left numerous people extremely stretched and drowned in debt. One clever technique to re-establish control of your finances is through a debt consolidation loan. Regardless of the multiple outstanding loans or massive credit card debts, a debt consolidation loan is practical to not only steady your financial situation but save money as well.

With the level of debt in the UK on such a steady incline, UK debt consolidation loans offer an opportunity to reduce an individual’s collective debt to one manageable monthly payment. The UK debt consolidation system entails using a single new loan to repay many current debts.

Simply put, a debt consolidation loan will pay off all your current debts and transfer the amount due into a single loan with a manageable monthly repayment scheme. Following approval for a loan sufficient enough to offset outstanding debts, the loan proceeds go to clearing the existing debt. This leaves only the consolidation loan which is typically paid via monthly instalments.

After settling on a consolidation loan, it is imperative to explore the market for a reputable lender with lucrative terms. Affordable monthly payments, low-interest rates, and a shorter term are ideal, as the latter allows you explicitly to repay the debt more swiftly. Unaffordable payments would only serve to worsen your financial condition.

It is a requirement that any firm in the UK that lends money be licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority, therefore, take time to ascertain the licensing status of all potential lenders with the FCA. Every single lender should furnish a pre-contract credit information form, a standard document which contains loan information.

UK debt consolidation is merely a loan with a principal as well as an exciting element. However, you may be able to pay a lower rate of interest, reduce your monthly outgoings as well as spread the costs over a lengthier period.

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